Saturday, August 6, 2011

Classroom Makeover: The Mousepad

Because I am still one of those teachers that has a desktop computer, I still have the pleasure of using a mousepad. (Do kids today even know what mousepads are?!?! ;) ) My good old companion is a blue worn out Dell branded pad. It looked as old as me. In 5 minutes, it became a piece of cuteness.

The materials: mousepad, fabric, Heat n Bond, iron, scissors.

The directions:
1. Using the mousepad as a stencil, trace and cut out fabric with all sides being 1 in. out from mousepad.
2. Trace and cut out Heat n Bond with all sides being 1/2 in. out from mousepad.
3. Place bumpy side of Heat n Bond down on backside of fabric.
4. Iron on a low heat. (Needs to be hot enough to adhere, but not so hot the paper crinkles.)
5. After cooling, remove paper backing of Heat n Bond.
6. Place sticky side of fused fabric on top of the mousepad. (Goodbye Dell!)
7. Iron fabric on same setting.
8. After cooling, trim excess fabric.


Cost? Free! (Mousepad was already mine. Fabric and Heat n Bond were left over from past projects.)

A little 5 minute makeover for the classroom!

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  1. Love it!!! I want to do mine now! You are an inspiration!!!