Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Classroom Makeover: Painting with a Friend

What is better than sitting and being creative with a friend after a long Monday at work? In my opinion, nothing. It is even greater when that relaxing time produces something cute for your classroom.

A couple of summers ago, my friend Renee and I (along with some other girlfriends) got together to share a bottle of wine and splash some color on canvases. We sat on a porch and enjoyed the company almost as much as we enjoyed the creative expression. I decided I wanted to do that again so I called R. There was no wine and no porch, but there was The Civil Wars pandora station and Pinterest. :) From Pinterest inspiration, we created these for Portable 17.

I cannot wait to hang these puppies today! I wouldn't mind if this became a once a month tradition.

Thanks, Renee for being so super!

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