Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Evening with OneRepublic

After the family left on Sunday afternoon, I spent some time napping and reading. I just happened to get on Facebook just a couple minutes after some friends in Colorado posted they were in need of a place to stay while I am in Asheville. Place for them, free house sitting for me. Check. I also saw that the lovely Ashley Jordan's status inquired if anyone liked the band OneRepublic. I responded and a few minutes later I held two free tickets to the show at the Ryman. Yea Facebook!

Because J dragged his feet getting home from Arkansas was spending time with his family, I called my friend Amanda who I was supposed to meet up with anyways. We snagged cheap parking at the main library and entered the Ryman excited. Our excitement grew when the usher ushered us to our front row seats. You heard me.

Opening band, Jared Evans was not so impressive. Next band, the Daylights was impressive. (Bought their album!) OneRepublic was super impressive and loads of fun. The whole time though I felt a little guilty that Ashley was not there. She will recieve a star in her crown, I'm sure.

What topped the evening off though was the girls sitting right beside us. Think 17 year old pregnant Miley Cyrus who thought she was witnessing the return of Christ. You think I jest, but oh no my friends. Hands lifted up, Amen-ing away. Calling upon the Lord. One word... Bless.

Great Sunday evening.

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