Monday, March 28, 2011

Asheville Goodness #2

Over the past couple of years, J and I have taken fun trips during Spring Break. Our first trip was to Washington DC with our friend Amy. Last year we trekked down to Atlanta. This year we wanted to get away from Nashville for awhile and just relax. We settled on Asheville, NC, a city I truly love.

While I have always dreamed of owning a Bed and Breakfast, I had never actually stayed at one until Spring Break. Because relaxing was the main focus of this trip, staying at a B&B was imperative for me. (Plus, it gave me time to do a little research!) After searching online, I came across North Lodge on Oakland.

I cannot tell you how perfect North Lodge was for me! The location and price were the first things that popped out on me, but then everything else worked out so that it was as if God was smiling on me. Greg, the innkeeper was very willing to talk and share advice with me about how to run a B&B. He even gave us a little "backstage" tour of the kitchen! We stayed in the Library Room which had shelves full of books that fit perfectly. We even found 4 books on B&B operations! I spent a lot of time in the clawfoot tub which was a mini dream come true. And breakfast... Bless. Baked pears, granola and fruit with yogurt, biscuits, eggs, stuffed french toast, pistachio bread. Yum, yum, yum. My favorite was Greg's Egg and Cheese Puff. Coffee served all day. Happy, happy Beth.

After my stay, I can that this is something I really want to pursue. It might be several years before my little dream becomes a reality, but I am happy just even thinking about it.

North Lodge on Oakland just another bit of Asheville goodness...

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