Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hiatus Over

A little hiatus from blogging, but I think I am back!

A few little updates...

The flea update. I used a total of 19 bombs, three house saltings, three house sprays and two visits by the Orkin man. The fleas finally disappeared long enough for me to return to sleeping in my house. I still find a couple every now and then, but I keep spraying. I will give it a good spray before I leave for vacation tomorrow.

Socrates is living in Arkansas. Justin and I took him to stay with Justin's mom. Soc adores Renee and it seemed to be a good fit. It was a very tearful goodbye on my part, but I knew he would get more attention than I could give him. (Good thing since I have been staying much, much later than I ever thought.) I miss Soc sticking his nose up on my bed and sitting on my feet.Gingersnap, the stray that I took in, has also found a home courtesy of EAST C.A.N.

The new job has not been exactly all I dreamed of. In fact, I spent much of the first two weeks in tears and stressed to the max. It is starting to get better. The biggest cause of my stress has been the Free and Reduced Lunch forms. To get Title I funds, the school uses these forms. They are very particular about what all needs to be filled out. Because we are sitting at 980 students (the largest elementary school in Metro!), it has taken me a lot of time to go over each form to make sure they have been filled out correctly. If they are not correct, then I have to mark it and send it back home with the students to be done over again. Once the form is finally filled out correctly then they are sent to the central office to be approved and entered. Sadly, after all of my hard work, all of our lunch forms were sent back! (insert explicative here.) Apparently, whoever (not me!) put the forms together, did so on the wrong type of paper where they cannot be scanned in. So the process had to be done over again. Sigh. With all of that, I am just now getting to work on the family calendar which is the reason I took this job. September is filled with all kinds of testing. October though will be my month. ;)

I have started another Bible study on Monday nights. I joined a Beth Moore's Breaking Free study at Fellowship. It focuses on breaking free of the things that have strongholds in our lives (insecurity, fear, addictions, etc.). I have been struggling with insecurity in pretty much every aspect of my life lately so I think this study will be a good fit. I have already found encouragement in my daily readings.

I will be going for my next doctor's appointment next Thursday. Please keep that in your prayers. It has already been a source of sleepless nights.

I am happy to report that I am going on FAMILY VACATION tomorrow! I am beyond excited!!! Dad and Mama have a timeshare in Gatlinburg that all (6) of us kids plus significant others (and children), parents, and one house helper get to use. Old Time family portrait, goofy golf tournament, Jakson's birthday party, water park and lots of games are on the schedule. Of course, we will be visiting the amazing Christmas Store! Justin and I will leave right after school tomorrow to meet up with everybody there. We will come back on Tuesday night. I have not been on family vacation in about 7-8 years. Keep us in your prayers because there tends to be a little drama and with all of being in the same quarters for several days... But it is going to be great! I am so stinkin' excited!!!!

I need to pack, make dinner, and finish up some work, but I am happy to be blogging again.


  1. love the end of the blog! hehe i am so excited i should be doing ur last sentence but nope here i am reading ur blog:)

  2. I'm in a Breaking Free Bible study group right now too!! Sooooo much to catch up on. Call me when you get back from vacation! Wo ai ni!