Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Fill-In Friday

1. In the story of my life, the actor that would play me would be Meg Ryan. She is adorable.

2. If I could change one thing about the world it would be the lack respect people show others.

3. Yesterday ended with a nice Vespa ride and an episode of The Mentalist. So thankful for quiet nights at home.

4. My favorite comfort food is cream cheese mixed with salsa and served with Wheat Thins. Easy comfort fix. (Warning: do not use full block of cream cheese as you will be tempted to eat the whole thing...)

5. My new favorite blog find is GOOP. GOOP is a blog that Gwyneth Paltrow writes. She has great tips on things on going, making, seeing, doing, getting, and being. I look forward to seeing her weekly emails as well.

6. My favorite breakfast food is Pete's Breakfast Torta at Fido's. $4.99 worth of egg, veggie sausage, cheese, peppers, salsa, and sour cream deliciousness. (With a cup of coffee of course!)

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