Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saying Goodbye To My Class

My last day of school was on Thursday. From experience on saying goodbye earlier in the week, I knew this was not going to be easy.
This class was very special. For some I was their fourth teacher this year! I came in late October. We had some move away and others join us. They went through radiation with me. We had pen pals in China. They got to know some of my friends like Miss Amy. Plus, it was my first "real" class.
The morning started out well. All year I told them I would play soccer with them before they left for the year. I held true to my promise so the morning was filled with a lot of trash talk that helped me not think about saying goodbye. I did impress them with my "skills", but they slaughtered me in the end.

And how can you not help but laugh when you look up from your paperwork and see this?!?!

A student was leading them in yoga.

However, 11:30 hit and I had to say goodbye to him.

This was my starfish this year. At the beginning of the year everybody picked a student in their class that they thought might need some extra attention in some area. This child thought I hated from day one. He was constantly in trouble and could not focus on any task given to him. Over time though, we bonded. He greatly improved in his grades and behavior. If there was any question about how much I cared for him, those were laid to rest on Thursday when I had tears and mascara all over my face. He came up to me and said "Ms.Quarles, I pray everyday that your cancer never comes back." We did not let go of each other from our walk from the classroom until he literally stepped on to the bus. He called me in the afternoon to make sure I had quit crying. Love him... sigh.
I am already excited about next year, but I am not sure any class will be quite as special as this one!

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