Saturday, May 9, 2009

International Fair

This makes me happy!

Yesterday afternoon, I took a professional leave and attended the International Fair at Glenview Elementary. I had completed my student teaching there so was thrilled to go back and see some of my students from a few years ago. I was most excited though at the fact that elementary children are being exposed to cultures and the big world at such a young age.

I never knew about the world around me until high school. Growing up my life consisted of the Nashville bubble and a glimpse of North Carolina. Diversity was not something I experienced. In high school though, I had Mr. Fleming and he changed my life more than he knew. I took all of Mr.Fleming's classes: Government, Humanities, and World Cultures and Literature. I attended conferences on race relations. I helped to write a section of a children's/teen book on world perspectives. I began to see what pure love for the human race meant. It wasn't until college that I began to travel, but I sure have not stopped. Teaching ELL is extremely rewarding because I continue to learn about the world and life of others through my kiddos. I wish everybody could have some of the experiences I have.

The International Fair was a great way for students and people from the community to learn more about other cultures. There were booths for several different countries which has tons of information. You could sample foods. People were wearing traditional clothes. The afternoon closed with performances.

Drummers from Kenya

This woman performed dances from Egypt and Iran.

Of course, I bawled my eyes out when the Chinese fan dancers performed. (Hence, why there are no pictures!) I was truly impressed and hope that one day my school can offer such an activity.

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