Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Breast Day

On Friday night, my friends and I celebrated the end of radiation.

Happy Boob Day! (Yes, I know a tad tacky, but sometimes you need to smile and laugh about things.)

At Centennial, I was given two huge bouquets of flowers, a bottle of champagne, a glass that says "When life hands you lemons, stuff your bra", and Gigi's cupcakes. Once arriving at home, Amy and Tiffany were there to be happy with me. Brad got into town just a short while later so another big hug. We had a champagne toast and planned a fun evening out.

We met Daniel and Josh at Hooters for dinner. (Wings are not nearly as good as BWW!) Then, we went down to Big Bang. Big Bang is a dueling piano bar. The guys do not only have amazing musical talent, but are also hilarious. They were more than happy to celebrate Boob Day with us. I was called to the stage where one of the guys wrote me a "love song" to the the tune of John Lennon's "Imagine." "Imagine if I were your boyfriend..." It made for MUCH laughter. About that time Jordan showed up. We had such a good time singing, dancing, and laughing. The party then moved to Tarboosh where we ended the evening. Minus the awkward "date" (another story...), the night was a complete blast!

I cannot be a luckier girl. To have this behind me, have seriously wonderful friends, and just lead the charmed life that I do... Not enough praise can be lifted up to my Father for all of it. I am so truly thankful.

Happy Boob Day!

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