Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas Update

Christmas came and went. I took almost no pictures. Shocking, I know. The day itself was pretty uneventful and peaceful. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch, opened gifts, and then went to see the movie "Doubt." Great acting, and just okay ending. It was nice to be with the family this year.

On Friday, I finished moving all of my stuff. I am now living with the parents again. Hopefully not for too long. ;) I got to meet up with Rupa, Kathy, and Kelly for dinner. We always have such a good time (and loud!) time together. Topics always somehow always center around traveling and politics. Somehow even I am amazed how we can get from talking about breast exams to Obama. Rupa gave me a concoction for my flu/cold. Equal parts of scotch, lemon juice and honey. Not so yummy. Wish I could say it worked (it didn't), but it did make for a good sleep. :)

This morning Rupa brought me to airport, but I missed my flight to Baltimore. I am stuck in Nashville airport for a few hours. However, all will be worth it to have a week off in New York relaxing and celebrating the New Year with my best friend.

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