Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Quick Weekend

Weekends go by way too quickly! After the great snow day, I thought my weekend would not be as busy. Wrong...

On Saturday, the family drove to Cookeville to watch Leanne graduate from Tennessee Tech. :) She has worked really hard the past couple of years and we are all so proud of her. Her graduation itself was interesting. The speaker talked about how she met the two loves of her life there. She also announced that one was the dean of education and he left her for a younger woman. So uncouth. Then, the name announcer sounds like he was calling starting players for the NFL I am sure the graduating class will not forget their ceremony.

Saturday night went to Christian's Dirty Santa party. I scored some hot pink Everlast boxing gloves. Apparently, the dirty santa gifts of the season are these Hello-Kittyish items called Parasite Pals. What will they think of next?!?!

Sunday, my favorite day of the week, included great Family time, weekly coffee date with Tiffany, tomato basil soup lunch with Ashley, and lots of school work. Tiffany's parents came into town so we got to visit with them for a little while. :) I also got my plane tickets to go to New York (Dec.27-Jan.2) I am quite excited about seeing her home and meeting people I have heard about for 6 years now. Sadly, Emily and Jakson left to go back to Texas. It was so nice having them in town. I have the cutest nephew ever! Looking forward already to their return in March.

Today is super busy. I will be trying to finish finding homes for frogs and crabs, testing students on their reading levels, going to the French-Lemons Christmas party, and taking my last final of the semester. Break is just ahead...

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