Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolutions

I have been thinking about my New Year's resolution over the past couple of weeks and have finally narrowed my list down. I will not be trying a new recipe out each week like I did the past 2 years. I am thinking 94 recipes is enough. (Yeah, I was 10 short this year unless I do that today... ha!) I really enjoyed that resolution though and have had some real winners and losers. Finally mastering banana pudding was a huge highlight. I will post my favorite recipe from 2008 later.

So, Resolutions for 2009...

(1) Pay off at least a semester's worth of student loans.
Thankfully I have nice scholarships and tuition discount for grad school so my loans are VERY minimal for that, but I really want to finish paying off my undergrad loans in the next couple of years.
(2) Keep a daily photo journal.
I am only good at journaling sometimes. However, I do always have a camera with me. I thought if I take a daily picture than I could have a good sampling of memories from the year. Sometimes the picture might be of a grand adventure and some days it might be of something I do around the house daily. I am pretty excited about this resolution though.
(3) Scrapbook my year.
I used to scrapbook often. I have so many supplies, pictures, and things I pick up that I want to be better about scrapbooking shortly after things happen.
(4) Run a half marathon.
I have already signed up for the Country Music Marathon with several of my friends from girls community group. I want to be able to actually run a whole half marathon. Yes, I have turned into one of "those people." The Bolt inspired me.
(5) Be more intentional.
Enough said.

2008 was great, but may 2009 be sublime. ;)

May you have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year wherever you might be...

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