Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tree

All is quiet this morning except for the sound of Dean Martin crooning "I'll Be Home For Christmas" through my my little computer speakers. I am coming down from quite a busy week. This morning it is just me, Dean, my Christmas tree, and the big blue chair that I might have to steal when I move out.

Most of you probably know about my complete fascination with trees. Christmas trees lie in that category too. In fact, the only things I "collect" are Christmas ornaments. From every travel, from friends, from family and of course Hallmark, not much can make me as excited as receiving a ornament. Every year I get the ornament from Hallmark's line of Eskimo Friends. My mom started me on that line when I was just a child. Over the years, my mom and an old friend made sure I had the one for the year. Mom once again made sure I got it this year...

My old friend made sure I got them while in China. Sadly, one of them broke last year. However, my dear Amy made sure that it would still hang on the tree.

Her paper version hangs on my tree today. A good reminder of thoughtful friends.

And of course, my non-traditional tree topper. While I put my own Christmas tree for the first time, I had not star and did not have the money to go buy one. A Christmas tree should be about personality, so I threw my Auburn hat on top. I never really meant for it to become a tradition, but it has stuck. No exception this year!

With just a couple of presents lying beneath...

my tree is complete.

It is a little thing that makes me happy. And maybe, just maybe it will motivate me to start my paper...

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