Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have so much to be thankful for, so here is just a few that I am especially grateful for this year...

Emily and Jakson coming to visit. She extended her stay until Dec.20! yea!!!
Having a job that I love, am challenged, and feel purposeful all at the same time.
New friends from Inversion and Intentional Community group.
My India blanket. (Can't tell you how much I love this blanket and only got it thanks to the encouragement of friends... thanks!)
Starbucks with Tiffany and "Hot Nick"... makes for a great afternoon.
Seeing a little green dot beside names of friends on Google Talk. (Even though we may not talk, it makes me smile just knowing we are doing similar things and might be all the way across the world.)
Moc slippers.
Christmas trees. (yes, I put ours up yesterday!)
Having a God that has blessed me beyond all belief and loves me when I am beautiful and when I am ugly.

I am thankful for this little blog that allows me to document my life, share with (and hopefully encourage) others, and helps me keep up with people.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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