Monday, November 17, 2008

The Not Quite Marvelous Monday

Today was more of the typical Mondays most people have. I guess I have been overwhelmingly blessed in that my past Mondays for a couple of months have been, well, marvelous. Today not so much...

It all started when I checked a grade on an assignment I turned in this weekend. I got a D! When reading the professor's comments, I was confused about what happened. I emailed her and then checked the work when I got home tonight. I am not understanding what I have done wrong. Agh.

Then, the weak stomach was hit.

When walking back to the classroom after lunch today, I learned that a student was going to be sick. I told her to RUN! She ran, I ran, and the class ran. She stopped before reaching the restroom, turned around in my direction, and projected vomit. I am talking major air! I did okay until the smell hit. I was able to grab the trash can before I was sick, but my students still saw and were completely grossed out. Teachers don't throw up. Ha.

After school, I went to Davis Kidd to buy the next book for our teacher read-aloud series. Super Fudge was requested by the entire class so being a considerate teacher (and thankful the vote was unanimous) I went to make the purchase. Upon leaving my grad class, I happened to flip the book open and saw the first 42 pages were missing. Back to Davis Kidd. The kids will be excited tomorrow so it will be worth it.

This weekend I tried to be productive and get work done early because of a certain event taking place tomorrow (I will blog on later...) I even did my Saturday paper for next week! (WOW!) I was feeling super good until I went to class tonight. Not only did I discover it wasn't due this next week, but the week after.... The teacher informed us that because he is "a nice teacher" he was canceling the assignment. And that ladies and gentlemen, is yet another reason why I do not do work ahead of time.

It is now 10pm and I have lots I could and probably should be doing, but I am going to turn in early and try to get over this not quite Marvelous Monday. (It really wasn't a BAD day, but def. not marvelous!)

I have waited for almost a year and half for tomorrow.... Really.

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  1. Super excited for you today my friend! Monday may have not been Marvelous, but Tuesday will be for sure!

    Love you!