Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boulevard Bolt

So a couple of weeks ago, I had this brilliant thought that I should run the Boulevard Bolt on Thanksgiving. Tiffany agreed to run it with me because well, she is just fabulous like that. A nice 5k on Thanksgiving. Strong.
I signed up on the last day possible online. While on the website and after registering I noticed that it was not a 5k race. Indeed, it was 5 miles! I told Tiffany she needed to register right away, leaving out the little detail that it was 5 miles. I gave her all the information after she signed up. She really is a good friend. ;)
So at 5:45am this morning, we woke up and headed to Belle Meade. While jumping around, freezing our kahunas off, I noticed a very nice looking guy walking in our direction. I smiled. He smiled. I smiled even bigger. He passed and I looked at Tiffany. Take a guess who it was.... (a clue) Think 27 Dresses and Benny and the Jets.... JAMES MARSDEN! Talk about good motivation to run.
It was cold and I thought my ankles were going to snap when we first started running. We ran into several old friends. It was a beautiful course and of course doing anything with Tiffany is fun. I will say I was glad to see the finish line.

Results: Finished at about 10 minute miles. Knee is now killing me. I saw one of the best looking men alive. (People magazine agrees with me!) I completed my first Boulevard Bolt... another Nashville tradition to check off my list.

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  1. OH MY GOSH! Where did you see this beauty of a person??? Did he run the race also? (Oh, and congrats on finishing the race!)