Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let Me Shed A Little Light On The Subject...

So the electricity went out for over an hour today. When planning to actually work, it caused quite an inconvenience. My roomies and I ended up having a Nerts fest. We played until our eyes really hurt from squinting in the dark. When we finally decided it was just going to be nap time and got snug in the beds, then the lights came back on. Figures... I was quite amazed at how upset I found myself getting about the electricity. Am I really that dependent?!?!

So a few freebies this week, that some of you might like...

This Tuesday (Dec.2), Team Green is holding an free info meeting about composting and local food. It is actually being held at Lipscomb. Tuesday from 6 to 7pm in Burton. Check out Team Green's website for more info.

On Thursday (Dec.4) at Brook Hollow Baptist Church, there will be an Internet safety course from 5:30-7pm. I think this is such a great thing especially for parents. As a teacher, I am overwhelmed by how my students use the Internet at such a young age. Parents might be quite surprised to learn what their children do on a computer when they are not looking.

It's back to the books and billions of papers to grade before Scrabble Sunday begins!

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