Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Little Mystery...

In Yichang-esque fashion... a mystery in honor of an important day
It did not make the news. There was no coverage on Oprah, CCTV 9, or on Anderson Cooper 360. The girl did not get to make a guest appearance on Gilmore Girls or West Wing. However, this day in the girl's life would go down in her history book.
The girl probably began the day as any other. Maybe a phone call from Detroit or a sweet surprise from her pal down the hall. She would carry on teaching class just as normal. Maybe have lunch at her favorite street vendor and grab a cup of milk tea. Her evening might be spent with a houseful of Rice family and friends. It is hard to say because I am on the other side of the world.
Little did this girl know what an impact she was making on the world. A girl from a small town in Indiana who was now living in a small town in China, was doing the extraordinary. She was adding joy to all of those around her. In a time when the world was changing, people scurrying through their days, the economy crashing, and an election that rocked the world... it was on November 10th that this girl was the center of attention. Everybody wished they could add joy to her life the way she had added joy to theirs.
History was made... another age bracket checked. The girl grieved a little. However, when thinking about how blessed her life was, she could not help, but smile. The Halloween parties, treks around different countries, solving of mysteries, treacherous trips to Wuhan (and now Kunming), and the pleasure of Sharing with others... what a past couple of years. However, this fortune teller in America thinks that something great is upon the girl. This next year will hold great adventures and tales. All of that can wait though because today alone is special.
In this post of "What is it?", I hope you figured it out. Shout it aloud! Hip, hip, hooray...
It's Kim Gaugler's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Gaudy. Hope your day is extra special! You are missed.

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