Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meet Me At The Loveless

I have a list of things I have been wanting to do in Nashville. Today, Tiffany and I headed out in search of the perfect Southern lunch/breakfast. We went to the Loveless Cafe.

The Loveless was opened in 1951 as a motel on Highway 100. Mrs. Loveless' cooking was so good that they opened up dining rooms for good Southern cooking. Her biscuit recipe is world famous and remains unchanged even today. Today, the motel is closed, but the restaurant has grown to the big demand. There are little shops surrounding the restaurant where you can buy Loveless Cafe items including the hams and "got biscuits?" t-shirts. Personally, I love the Curious Heart shop that has lots of interesting ins and outs, plus a nice Christmas selection.
I got some yummy steak and biscuits. The hashbrown casserole was amazing! Cheesy, cheesy goodness. Yankee opted for fried chicken, mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes. She passed on the Southern greens. She is becoming cultured in all things Southern. ;)

All in all, a perfect Saturday afternoon outing. If you are in need of some good eats and have a little time to spare, I would highly recommend the Loveless.

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  1. Heck yes! I went there for the second time last week and it was AMAZING! I love being a southerner. :)