Friday, June 27, 2008

Hong Kong

Blogging about Hong Kong has actually been quite the challenge for me...


Everything about it is great! It is a big city with a great mix of culture. My three favorite countries America, China, and Scotland all in one place! There are mountains and great places to hike. There are so many trees!!!! There are Mexican restaurants, good milk, mint M&M's. Starbucks! There is blue sky, puffy clouds and you can see the moon at night. Lots of fun things to do like Disney, Victoria Peak, shopping, laser show, etc. You can ride the world's longest escalator. You can measure hands with famous stars like Jackie Chan on the Avenue of Stars. The people are beautiful! I just flipping love it!

Don't be too surprised if you see me back here one day...
Blogging cannot express the greatness of this city.

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