Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Graduation Day!

Yea! They did it! The girls graduated! (Jumping did too even though she was not in attendance)

Yesterday Amy and I went to the gym after a short notice of graduation ceremony for the college of Science and Technology. We chose seats quickly without thinking. After about 10 minutes we searched for ways to escape... even texted Kim to see if she would pull the fire alarm. No luck! Graduation is not what you are picturing. Instead of robes and tears, it is people talking on the phones, a couple of representatives from the class, and complete lack of attention by all. Students don't walk across a stage or anything. They get their diplomas by going to a teacher's office and standing in a line later. One friend decided she would do nothing at home instead of attending her own graduation!
Even amid all of these ridiculousness, it still was a day to celebrate! It was graduation day!

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