Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Family Math Night...

I am so pumped!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon making tangrams, running copies, creating a math activities book, and stuffing bags for math kits until the wee hours of this morning. I used to do things like this when I had a class of 20. Now, I get to do it for 250 families (an estimated guess of how many families will come tonight).

My bed never felt so good, thanks to J and the new foam padding he set me up with. (He also got to stuff bags with me, made me dinner, and washed dishes. Bliss!)

I actually woke up a few minutes before the alarm, ready to go. I have quite a full day of tangram making ahead of me before the big event tonight.

For all of you educators, I will post the contents of our math kit after the main event. I think they are pretty stinkin' sweet.

I leave you with the words of Dr. Gary Hall, "Math is easy. Math is fun."

ps-Yes, we were required to write this on top of all our papers in his college math class. He also called his tests "parties."

pss- Oh yeah, $180 has already been donated to my Susan G. Komen 3-Day goal. Scroll on down if you wish to donate!

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  1. Glad your resting place has been made more comfy! But sounds like you are staying too busy to enjoy it. ;0) Looking forward to your info on math night. Our "Edible Math" night was cancelled last week due to tornado warnings. "We" ahem, were really looking forward to cheez-its, skittles...in the school cafe, but "luckily" it will be rescheduled. Love YOU! BETH!!