Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inception and Saturday

Had the most enjoyable Saturday!

Caitlin and Amy came over to craft.

Katie came over to visit.

J and I stayed in for date night. We got Chinese takeout and rented Inception. Because we choose not to spend a ridiculous amount of money to see movies in the theater, we have been behind in the whole Inception talk. (And because I am the biggest scaredy cat on the planet and completely allergic to blood, guts, and all other inside body parts- we had to make phone calls to those who had seen the movie and those who know what I can handle to make sure that I would indeed find the movie enjoyable and not spend all my time clinging to the couch and crying.) All I can say is Holy Moley Oly! We will be watching the film again. Of course, we spent probably a whole hour on the couch after the movie just wondering and questioning.

A Saturday well spent.

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