Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness...

The dish is clean! Fridge Purge is over with. The weekend of cleaning and organizing is coming to an end.

When it comes to cleaning, I think I have ADHD. I will start something and then get carried away with another little project. This weekend was no exception. The main goals were to wash dishes, clean the counters, and get my files in order in the filing cabinet. Those are almost finished, but here is what else got done during my "sidetracks"...

The junk drawer got organized.

My spice/coffee cabinet got some attention.

The pantry is now presentable.

My magazines have a cute new home.

A little Valentines' goodness was made.

This weekend I also:
Had a fabulous time at Book Club
Watched 2 episodes of Mad Men
Planned all meals for the week
Went grocery shopping
Went to farmers market
Had dinner with China friends
Signed up for Susan G Komen 3-Day in Atlanta
Installed light bulbs
Did laundry
Cooked lasagna
Wrote 3 letters
Paid bills
Went to church
Video chatted with J (so ready for him to come home!)
And read half a book

I need another weekend to recover.

Part of the reason, why I stayed busy this weekend is because tomorrow I go in for my scan. I am really anxious about this so staying busy helped me not to think about it. Anyways, if you could say some prayers for me tomorrow that would be wonderful.

Tomorrow is going to be uber busy with DIBELing at school, the scan, leadership meeting, and possibly attending McGavock's PAC meeting depending on how I feel after the scan. I need to go wash a few more dishes and put in one more load of laundry before calling it a night. My bed is calling my name.


  1. Parenting Asperger'sJanuary 24, 2011 at 7:07 AM

    WOW! That was some weekend! My house is available for any extre energy burn-off. Unfortunately, it needs more than a week-end. Glad you were so productive. Praying for you today, as everyday! Much love & hugs, Mom

  2. Houndstooth in an Auburn fan's house?! Ah ha ... you're secretly a Bama fan. I knew it!

    I too love super-productive weekends like that. Praying for you today, friend.

  3. I just cant believe you still have a phone book! haha

  4. My room at school needed this! After a semester out, this gives me a kick in the pants to keep going. Bit by bit, there will be organization once again!