Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Houndstooth for the Auburn Fan

I knew that as soon as I shared about my magazine holders, someone would give me a hard time. For those not in the world of the SEC, Alabama coach Bear Bryant wore a trademark houndstooth hat. Being an Auburn fan, I would not promote anything Alabama related, but houndstooth is just so cute! Plus, the pattern for this project is very forgiving. My blood will always bleed navy blue and "pretty" orange. War Eagle!

Anyways, here is a little simple how-to for the magazine holders.

I used priority mailing boxes. I went ahead and put them together because it was easier to measure. After you cut, each box will make two holders.

For the cuts, I measured 4 inches from the side of the box. Using a box cutter, I made a 3 inch cut down. I flipped the box over and did the same on the other side. Then, I made another long cut connecting my two 3 inch cuts. (See picture above.)

When you are finished cutting, you will get holders that look like this...

For covering your holders, you can use scrapbook or wrapping paper. I opted for the wrapping paper. Make sure though that the paper is thick (high-quality). I picked my paper up from Hobby Lobby using a 60% off coupon. (Only $1.20!)

Now, I am a horrible wrapper so I cannot give you directions here. I just stumbled my way through it. This part was the most time consuming. I was glad I got the houndstooth because the pattern was forgiving and overlapped easier than some other prints. In the end, I came out with these...

I had several large scraps that I will save for future projects. (Maybe an anti-Alabama project?!) I did go ahead and make this little Valentine's piece...

I had the red frame from the good ole Delta Xi days. I typed up LOVE in red and printed it out. Next, I cut out the letters and glue them to my scrap. After putting it in the frame, I decided LOVE was more of a coral shade than the frame, so I used a red Sharpie and colored the letters to make the red pop. I do think it screams "Roll Tide" so as soon as Valentines is over, I will retire this little piece. We wouldn't want people getting the wrong impression. ;)

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  1. Hahaha ... I love this! I refrained from commenting on the houndstooth in your last post. I think the boxes and the frame are ADORABLE, but that is coming from a Bama gal.