Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Break: Radnor Lake

No fall season is complete without a trip to Radnor Lake.

I was excited to spend my first day of fall break on a little hike. I managed to talk J into going with me after he excessively made fun of me wearing my brown puff vest. Yes, it was in the 70's, but it is also fall. I know many of you understand. ;)

Anyways, our little hike turned into just a walk and sit, but it was oh-so-nice. We saw geese, chipmunks, a turtle, squirrels, dogs and strange people. The park was crowded more than I have ever seen. We walked. We sat and talked. We watched a woman bike down Otter Creek Rd. yelling "left", but then confessing she did not know her right from her left. (I am talking a 40+ year old woman. I wanted to tell her to make a "L" or put her hand over her heart, you know all the things we do when we get confused. That isn't just me, right?!?!) We enjoyed the afternoon together.

Afterwards, we stopped by my grandparents for a quick dinner and made a trip to the children's hospital to see a miracle (more on that later!). All in all, a good day. The kind where you can lay down at night with a smile on your face. The makings of a quiet, simple, and fantastic fall break.

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