Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This was taken a year ago. My hair had been falling out in clumps, some small and some rather large. I decided to shave my head.

Since then cancer has come and gone. I am "in the clear", but its effects linger. I still don't have the energy that I once did. I cry at least once a week about my physical appearance. I get scared anytime my hand runs across my breast in the shower or during a self exam. I dream about recurrences. Other days, I feel so good. I realize how I have made it through something that has brought down others. I am blessed to be alive. Cancer is something I think about everyday.

October is a big month for me. Almost every weekend I will be walking in breast cancer awareness races. Next Saturday, Oct. 9 is Race for the Cure in Brentwood, TN. October 16 is Race for the Cure in Little Rock, AR where I will be walking with Justin's family. October 30 is the Striders Walk in Nashville. I am wearing pink each day. (Think about doing the same!) I am currently reading Promise Me which is about the founding of the Susan G. Komen foundation. Each day I am praying for a cure.

I know breast cancer is not high on everybody's list of concerns, but it is very real to me. I am asking that all of my friends and family think about donating to the cause of finding a cure. It wasn't just a rough year for me, but for those who were by my side. We can help keep somebody else from going down that same road. We can find a cure. I am deeply rooted in that hope. If you wish to donate, please click on the link that goes to my first walk's page.


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  1. Hi Beth, happy to read that you feel better, hope everything will be ok. Miss you and love you, Seheno.