Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What A Morning...

This has been one of those mornings, I just wish we could start over.

I was grumpy as soon as I woke up. I was cold. My back hurt. Plus, I knew I was going to have to teach a regular education class today (instead of my lovely ELL kiddos). Grrr...

In the car, I checked my voicemail because I was not about to answer the phone when it rang so early this morning. I learned that my friend Becky passed away early this morning. Becky had stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 27. She was in my support group. I couldn't cry even though I really wanted to. 27 with something that is supposed to hit older women. It just seems so unfair.

Last night while checking the headlines, we read an article about a governmental task force that has changed the recommendations for mammogram. In the past, the cancer society said every woman over 40 should get a mammogram every year. They promoted self-checks in women of all ages. Now this task force wants to say that women should get mammograms every 2 years after the age of 50. They believe that self-checks are worthless. (Check out Google News or any big newspaper to read articles!) I cannot tell you how this made my blood boil. While it is true that mammograms are not always accurate and sometimes cause worry when there is no cause for concern, they do also save lives. As far as self-checks go, I just want to ask them when the heck do they mean they are worthless?!?!?! Every girl in my group found their lumps by self-checking (or boyfriend finding). Thank God we did. Thank God.

Please keep Becky's family in your prayers this week.

Oh to crawl back to bed...

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