Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's that time of year again and I bet you could tell just from the past few blogs...

The Holiday season!

A time where Beth becomes ridiculously cheesy, emotional, and sentimental. Sometimes I even make my gag! Bless.

This morning a wave of emotion has pulled ashore and sadly, it is not going back out to sea.

I woke up this morning to find myself lying underneath my comfy blanket on the couch. I am in the only room that actually feels warm. (To see the heat guy would be better than seeing Santa right now!) The first glimpse of the white lights from the tree make me smile. This is the setting for prime Beth paradise.

But then I remember yesterday...

Yesterday afternoon, I made my way to the hospital to have my blood count checked. I have not managed to have my next treatment yet. Once again it is too low. I am put on bed rest. BED REST!!!! I mention that I wonder if I could be allegoric to something in my wig because of some red spots that seem to appear when I wear it. The nurse asks me if anything else is wrong. I told her that I seem to have a crick in my neck and I have had a 2 day headache. Not a noise headache, but one that sends shooting pain every once awhile based on light or movement. She went and got a doctor. The doctor thinks it might be an infection. If it is not gone tomorrow call back. If your nose starts to bleed come in immediately.

I come home to find the Iron Bowl has already started. Auburn is ahead the entire game... well, until the last minute and a half of the game. Fudge. Fudge. Fudge.

Caitlin came over to start the Christmas decorating madness. We made Christmas countdowns, and then the turkey decided to leave! My Christmas soul sister was too tired because she had to work Black Friday morning. I start dragging out the tree and stuff until Amy gets home from work. I do one layer of the tree and then I have hit exhaustion. Thank goodness my roommates understand what a big day this is for me and finish the tree, lights and garland while I watch. You know I am not feeling good when I let someone else decorate!

Christmas cheer isn't so cheery so far. It is just so frustrating to not be myself. To not feel like myself. To add to everyone else's lists of things to do.

The living room does seem cozier now. I am thankful that my friends are so understanding.

Just waves of emotion...

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