Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful List #2

Things I am thankful for this week...

Small group. Last Sunday night I went to a small group with two of my fellow teachers. It was my first time to attend. They are reading through the book The Power of the Blood Covenant. Our conversation focused on forgiveness. My thoughts on forgiveness have changed quite a bit over the past couple years and this conversation was really encouraging. I plan to go back.

My action research topic was approved!!! This is a big deal to me. My project is the main focus of one of my masters degrees I am pursuing. Now, I can actually start on the work. (Or at least think about starting. Ha! ;) )

The Smartt Household and Maggie. On Tuesday night, these wonderful people came over for dinner and to play games. Mayne made a fabulous Banana Foster. So much fun.

Written notes. What power written words hold. I feel like sometimes putting things in writing is far more meaningful than just saying something. I have been blessed to receive many kind notes.

Blankets. I crave them.

Anybody got anything that sticks out to them this week?

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