Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Panties With A Purpose

My friend Kelli had a marvelous idea for a service project. This one is especially for the ladies! (Guys, you can help too if you want.)

Here is what Kelli has to say...


I have an exciting opportunity to share with you to truly bless women in need.

I'm calling it "Panties with a Purpose" and it starts Today.

Do you get the "Free Panty" coupons from Victoria's Secret? Do you really need another pair to fill up your drawers?

Imagine what would happen if each of us used our coupons to redeem a pair of panties not for ourselves, but for women fleeing domestic violence situations with nearly nothing to their names.

The goal of Panties with a Purpose is to collect 100 pairs of panties to donate to the residents of Nashville's YWCA Weaver Domestic Violence Shelter.

The drive starts today and will go through November 30th. Once all the panties are collected, they will be donated to the YWCA.

So, how can you get involved? Let me tell you!

1. Use your VS free panty card to redeem a pair of panties in any size OR

2. If you don't have a card, buy a pair or package to donate

3. SPREAD THE WORD! Post this drive on your myspace, facebook and twitter accounts. Tell at least 10 other women about the drive and encourage them to participate.

4. Don't live in Nashville and want to take part? Find a shelter in your area and start a drive to support women in your community.

Panties with a Purpose...because it's no Secret that giving is beautiful

If you can help us out, it would be greatly appreciated! Email me if you have questions...


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  1. That's such a great idea, Beth! If you get overwhelmed with donations, another place that I volunteered,was a Rape Crisis Center. Ours is always in need of new clothing (especially panties)for the girls & ladies to wear home after their exams, (as theirs is retained for evidence). Thanks for the creative idea for those in need! Love you!