Monday, February 23, 2009


Last night I went to the visitation for Jim Wood. I went at 6pm so I guess everybody was at church. When I walked into the room there were pictures, scrapbooks, etc. marking the life of a great man and his family. I passed by the body quickly not because I did not want to pay my respects, but rather because I would like to remember the last time I saw him up and walking around. In the final room in a set of three, there was a tv on playing a home video. Someone had interviewed Mr. and Mrs. Wood about their love. They talked about how they met, dated, and got married. He had a sense of humor and it showed throughout the video. They scrolled pictures of their wedding and then of their precious family. The final clip was of Mr. Wood talking about Mrs. Wood. Apparently, he was a "wild child" (he said that because he played in a band... ha!) but Mrs. Wood "straightened him out." He went on to say that she was so strong in the Lord that she made his life better and made him a better man. He testified that he probably would not be where he was spiritually without her. She batted him on the arm and said thanks. Then, he looked over at her, smiled, and gave her the sweetest kiss. I was thankful that there was nobody there and that I could watch something so beautiful.
The Woods were/are passionate about Christ, helping others, and each other. That is the kind of marriage I hope to have one day.

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