Wednesday, February 4, 2009

from my students

On Monday morning we paused for a "moment of science" (silence).

George Washington grew up at "Mount Vermin."

We debated if Ms.Quarles is really white. I "don't play ball like a white teacher."

Ms. Quarles must be the "daughter of Santa". She gets too excited about things. "It's like Christmas everyday."

Ms.Quarles "must have cried all night on Sunday". Auburn did not make it to the Super Bowl.

The best thing to make me smile...

After being absent for a day, my kids cheered when they walked in the door and saw me. They are still asking if I need my temperature taken. ;)


  1. Beth, I loved today's post - for several reasons. The children love you (as well they should)! Their vocabulary mistakes are hilarious - I laughed out loud. And you are just an excellent teacher (and I am not surprised at that). I praise God for your gift of teaching!! The Lord bless you, Aunt Sue

  2. Almost laughed out loud at work while reading this post. You are a daughter of Santa for sure!
    I love you friend, hope to see you tonight!