Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scrabble Sundays

Being back in the States I have fallen back into some old routines. This is both good and bad. One thing that has picked back up is Starbucks and Scrabble. These nights have been revamped and should be better than ever!
On Sunday nights after church Tiffany, Cole, and I head to Starbucks in Green Hills for a little Scrabble action. The three of us will be constant, but our fourth player will be whoever grabs that night.
Tonight was the first Scrabble Sunday. Our fourth player/team (Casey and Taylor) slaughtered us. While I expected to be beat, I thought it would be Cole, master of points. I am honestly not a very good player. However, it is the perfect opportunity to do something I enjoy, drink something great and spend time with two of the people I admire most. Yea for Scrabble Sundays!

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