Friday, July 11, 2008

First Week

My first week has been super busy... wouldn't expect anything less.

Sunday and Monday, I was so jet- lagged I did not do anything but sleep and become addicted to Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Tuesday, I went with Dad on a road trip to Bristol, VA. It was nice to catch up. I got to see my aunt and grandmother too.

Wednesday, caught up with some of my good friends. I got to have lunch with grandparents and family.

Thursday, I enrolled at Lipscomb for grad classes, looked at cars, typed resume, got a job and practically moved in overnight with my friends Janet and Tiffany.

Today I start work.

Busy week... Things are going well. I do have my moments where everything seems so overwhelming I cannot help but cry. I miss China. I miss the Yichang 5. I miss a lot. A lot though to look forward to here too.


  1. Miss you SO much! Glad you made it safely back. Hope to get to see you this summer, someway! Please let me know if you get a phone #. i don't know how to contact you. Much LOVE, Mom

  2. Praying for you my friend, as nice as it is to have you back I understand how hard this all must be!