Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Straight From Stars Hollow

I have the greatest friends ever. Really.
The fabulous Katie gave me an early birthday present because she had to go tromp around Ireland with her family. (Hard knock life...) Talk about some creativity! Katie gave me a Gilmore Girls themed present. (Gilmore Girls became a new love of mine when I moved to China.) So flippin' adorable that I just had to share.

Straight from Stars Hollow... All the characters sent something...

From Rory and Lorelai, a great CD from the Irish movie "Once"... wrapped in coffee wrapping paper of course...

From Kirk and Lulu, two movie tickets... the movie theater here has couches just like Stars Hollow...

From Sookie, ingredients for gourmet smores... What chef does not like chocolate?!?!

From Richard and Emily, a gift certificate to get my nails done... Can't have middle class looking hands! (Michel recommended the French manicure!)

From Lane and Hep Alien, new drumsticks and a card for a drum teacher... I have been wanting to take drum lessons for about a year now

And from the surprisingly thoughtful Luke, a book of letters from my friends and students here in China... the perfect thing to be able to take home to remember all the special people in my life here.

Katie, thanks so much for such a thoughtful gift! It really is special.

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