Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meagerness and Activeness

Meager March has come to an end. While I did not stick to the 169RMB budget a few of my friends had, I feel as though I benefited greatly from the little things I did.
I did buy my veggies from local people. In fact, I have my own little lady now who takes care of 95% of my veggie needs. She even has broccoli sometimes! We have created a great non-spoken friendship. I love walking down to the veggie market and will continue to do so the rest of my time here. Supermarket is way overpriced!
We did take buses or walk everywhere. I did a lot of walking. I discovered a couple of new streets and shortcuts to places by doing so. Yichang really is not that big of a city. (I did cheat and take a motor taxi back to campus one day so I could let the repairman into Brad's house. I froze to death though so I like to think I paid for it.)
I cut my internet time way down! (You might could tell from lack of blogging.) I knew I spent a good bit of time on the internet, but just did not realize exactly how much. I hope to continue limiting my time because I had so much time to do other things. I started some new craft projects, read 5 books, and became more constant in my daily Quiet Time. I did spend a lot more time with students and friends too.
Kudos to the Shiyan folk for introducing Meager March to us...

We have now begun the month of April. Several ideas have come up...
Adjective April... You call each other using an adjective that begins with the first letter of your name... "Beautiful Beth"... but since Brad and I share "B" it could get dangerous. We don't want a "Busty Brad".
Attractive April... doing things to beautify ourselves... kind of vain though... all of us will be getting haircuts/new hairdos though. It is about time.
But I think we will really go with Active April. Today I am going to sit down and come up with some goals to actively pursue this month. I did one yesterday by going somewhere in Yichang I have never been with someone I do not spend much time with. (Will post about that later...)

Happy April!

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