Thursday, April 10, 2008

Love of Trees and Thunderstorms

Last weekend while in Wuhan I was reminded of how much I love trees. The area of Wuhan we were in had lots of trees and I could not help but be happy when I saw them. (I am sure Amy and Brad has thought I lost my mind...) Anyways, my favorite street in the whole world is Caldwell Lane. Why? Because there is one part of the street where the road is covered under the limbs of trees. In the spring it is absolutely gorgeous! (Plus, it is so close to a lot of my childhood...)
Another thing that I was reminded that I love is thunderstorms. We have had 3 since being in China altogether. (One last year and two this week!) The first storm this week I was woken up by the gentle pounding. I rolled over, looked at the time 3:17am. I smiled. So happy to be woken up by thunder. It was hard to fall back asleep, not because of the noise, but because I was so happy. The next storm came during the day when I was not in class. I crawled into my bed, pulled up the covers, drank some blueberry tea and wrote some letters. The perfect stormy afternoon!
Thank you God for putting the simple things into our lives that make us a little happier!

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