Monday, April 28, 2008

My 25th Birthday

On Saturday afternoon, I received a visitor. Kim brought me a little "Admit One" ticket and asked me to come to Brad's house about 7pm. So a little after the sun went down, I tromped over to Brad's. After making it up the first of the dreaded flight of stairs, I noticed that there were posters on the walls. It was an advertisement for the circus appearing for one night only in Yichang and hosted by Ringmaster Brad and friends. I was excited!

Brad's living room sits to the right of his front door. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and saw Brad in a tux, hat off, arm extended, underneath a huge circus tent, circus music playing in the background and hearing him welcoming me to "the greatest show on Earth." I was totally geeked! For my birthday, Brad and Amy created a circus just for me!!!!

The show opened with a seal balancing a ball on its nose (a nice toy store find...). Our friend Johnson became the world's strongest man by lifting a huge ball (yoga ball that is) over his head, and then bending wires (pipe cleaners!). Su was covered in tattoos (markers) and performed a little martal arts for us. Chen Tao was the flying woman and did some nice backbends. Terry would come in and out offering me popcorn, peanuts, and soda. (The nicest vendor I ever met...) Felix (Clown-O) was the funniest and cutest clown! He presented me with some grape balloons. I got to play two games (balloon darts and throw a ring around bottles) and ended up winning an Anne of Green Gables DVD and the scariest stuffed animal thing ever. Some of my students dressed up like elephants and completed a nice little routine directed by Kim. They were sooo cute!!! Amy the Fortune Teller said that I would meet a handsome man and be surrounded by children before she said that she had run out of money. (I could continue my fortune reading by paying a little extra, but I was happy with the handsome man part...) Jade, the snake charmer called up a surprise snake... Peach!!!! That made my night even more enjoyable! I saw a freak of nature who swallowed a sword (nice retractable sword used in morning exercises). Amitha unveiled her secret of being a bearded woman. I danced with Siamese twins. Witnessed a disgusting yet totally hilarious hotdog eating contest. (Congrats Oswin on choking down 5!) Laughed at short armed Kristy (and Carrie's) comedy act. During the whole night was entertained and complimented by the greatest Ringmaster ever! I could not stop smiling.
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My 25th birthday was so special thanks to my sweet friends. Never in my wildest dreams... At the end of the day, laying out under the Big Top with three of my closest friends I was literally the happiest girl in the world.

Amy and Brad... I love you.

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