Friday, January 4, 2008


Last year you might remember that I made several New Years resolutions... Out of 3, I stuck with 1. However, I do believe that it was a great accomplishment. My New Years resolution was to make one new recipe each week. So here is the list of 52 things I made...

pizza, pumpkin bread, hot chicken dip, pumpkin curry soup, peppermint cake roll, poptarts, bagels, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, bbq pork, jambalaya, sister schubert rolls, cucumber sandwiches, italian chicken, nana's chicken and rice, grasshopper pie, no bake cookies, tang cu liji (sweet and sour pork), cola chicken, duck sauce, sourdough starter, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes, fried noodles (variety of flavors), italian bread bowls, mexican rice, veggie cornish pasties, fudge pie, bread, tortillas, cheesecake*, crab alfredo, chicken and dumplings, chinese dumplings, chicken noodle soup, mexican cream cheese dip, girls soup, honey pecan chicken, chocolate peppermint cookies, chocolate pudding, blonde brownies*, sloppy does (deer meat), chess pie, chicken enchiladas, salsa, mamaw's white cake, peanut butter cookies, asian orange chicken, chicken curry salad, worth-the-mafan potato salad, granola, italian roast beef, and apple crisp

*denotes a horrible recipe that I will never make again

Most of these things I made while in China which can be very frustrating. I had to substitute a lot of things, brush up on my math skills and come to accept the fact that things would not taste exactly like they do in the US. I have really come to love being in the kitchen though and find it to be a great outlet in those moments where I am not too happy. Thanks to all of those who choked down the horrible things, washed lots of dishes and expressed gratitude every single time.

This year I have 5 resolutions so maybe 2 will be successful. :)

1) Do something for my sisters each week. Because I have several sisters I may not can do something for all of them each week, but at least one of them. I miss my sisters more than I ever thought I would and I want them to know how much I do love them. This is a start.

2) 52 new recipes. This is a continuation from last year's. Why quit something you enjoy?

3) Be a better Chinese student. Last year I made a resolution similar to this that I did not keep. This term I have slacked off in my studies. I hope to do better so I can be a better Worker.

4) Do something I am really scared to do. Often times I find myself too scared to try things. If I ever do get around to doing them, most of the time I enjoy it....example: cliff jumping... this year if there is something I am scared of, I am going to try it without hesitating as much. (Note: this does not apply to roller coasters... those that ride with me will also appreciate that!)

5) Share Good News with at least one person each week. I am going to try to step outside of that comfort zone and do the work that I was put on this earth to do. My aim is to reach someone new each week.

After sitting down and thinking about this, there are lots of things in my life that I want to do differently or better. These are just 5 things that I want to really put into action. I have also made financial, spiritual, and emotional-based goals that I hope you will pr*y about for me. While some think it is silly to make resolutions, I think it helps us to at least keep things more in the fore-front of our minds.

Going to go make Hot Pockets/calzones which goes with resolution #2...

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