Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Holiday Memory

Well I finished grades and such. Now I am procrastinating from packing and cleaning my house. Using the blog jar again...

What is your worst holiday memory?

My worst holiday memory took place in high school. One morning I was sitting in the car waiting for my dad to drive me to school. My little sisters came running out saying Dad was on the radio. I ran back inside the house. Apparently, my father was in some trivia competition and could win one of three prizes... a trip to Disney World, a new truck and something else. I screamed truck because I was just about to get my license. The trivia question was about the Beatles and whatever it was I knew the answer. I went dancing around the house thinking I was going to win a new car! Dad even paused on phone for commercial break while I frantically searched for radio station on stereo. Before I could find it Dad was acting all excited. We got the question right! I was getting a new truck. I got back in the car hardly able to stand it. I could not wait to tell my friends. Another sister came running out saying Dad wanted me in the house. I went back inside and everybody screamed "April Fools!" I cried all the way to school and pretty sure I had nothing nice to say. It is funny now, but at the time it was my worst holiday.

In other news leaving for Beijing tomorrow night. The past few days have been nuts! Travel plans in China are always complicated. Sunday we should be headed to India. Well actually, we are going to Sri Lanka for a couple of days. And because we don't have our Indian visas yet that might be as far as we go. Keep our visas in your Thoughts. We need them by Friday!

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