Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Apple Drop of 08

On Monday, 11 foreigners arrived in Yichang in hopes of attending the 2nd Annual, Getting-More-Famous-Each-Year, Apple Drop! Folks came from Shiyan, Wuhan, and Jingzhou for the big soiree.
First, we all participated in a big photo/video scavenger hunt around Yichang. We made westerns, danced in the square, interviewed McDonald's employees. We filmed kung fu movies on moving buses. I taught the whole 2nd floor of our McDonald's "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Brad did a fabulous portrayal of Rose from Titanic. (The painting scene...hehehe!) All in all one heck of a fun beginning. (Special props to Gaudy Gaugler for making such a fun hunt!!)
We met up at Pizza Hut for dinner. We made Yichang's largest straw by hooking 10 together. I did drink Pepsi with it! It was nice being able to talk to some new friends. Many of the people that came we had never met before. It is always interesting to hear what else is going on in different places and Works of China. After dinner we went back to Kim and Katie's to hang out.
After watching the videos, it was time for the main event. You think NYC is the place to be on New Years Eve, but you'd be wrong. (I have been there!) Nothing beats a good old apple dropping down a chopstick in Yichang. Last year that is exactly what it was, but this year it was improved. The apple had the character for luck on it and there were sparklers sticking out. It was great! (Props to Captain Ellis for this!!!) We closed the evening by singing which was really uplifting to so many of us.
I will be posting about resolutions soon, but wanted to share with you our celebration this year. I am so thankful for friends, Family and fellow Workers here. I wouldn't want to ring in the New Year any other way. :)

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  1. Wish I could have made it to the big apple drop!!!