Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beginning of an Adventure...

In just a couple of hours Kim, Katie, Brad and I will be getting on a train headed for Beijing. Traveling in China is never easy as it sounds and such has already been the case.

We have plane tickets in our hands for India. The plan was to fly to Sri Lanka and spend a couple of days before flying on to India. To travel to India you need a visa. We sent our passports and applications with a friend to Beijing, but unfortunately we cannot get our visas before we leave. We tried everything we knew. We have called everybody we could think of that might could help. No luck...

To get into Sri Lanka you need a visa as well, but can get it upon arrival to the country. So the new plan... On Sunday we will fly to Sri Lanka. Monday we will take our passports and try to get an Indian visa. We might end up staying in Sri Lanka longer than planned, but does not matter all that much. We are just really hoping to get on to India as soon as we can. Please keep this situation in your Thoughts.

Tomorrow after getting into Beijing,Brad and I will travel on to Tianjin. We will be visiting our friend Chen Tao. We will head back to Beijing on Saturday in time for our flight on Sunday.

I am not sure when I will update again, but will try to as much along the way as I can. Traveling is always an adventure and well this has already started out as one.

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  1. You will all be in my thoughts! Have a great time adventuring!