Monday, January 7, 2008

All In A Name

For Christmas Sandra gave us a bag of homemade goodies. One was a jar of 100 things to blog about. Such a creative idea! I thought I would take a 10 minute break from grading (yea end of semester finally!!!) and use my jar for a little bloggy inspiration.

What is your Chinese name? What does it mean?

My Chinese name is Ke Huai Xing (可怀星)It was given to me by Ally, a former student who also works in our Foreign Affairs office.

Ke is the family name. Amy and Peach also have this as there family name. Fitting. It means "artistic conception."

Huai means to "cherish" or to "think fondly of home and relatives." (This was when I first came to China and was a little homesick. I talk about my family a lot.)

Xing means "starlight." Ally says my eyes remind her of the stars. (The Chinese people tends to be "fluffy poetic"... they like to say things to touch people's "heartstrings.")

Altogether my name means something like "the light that shines though a big tree branch at night." Something beautiful, artistic, and makes you think of home.

The name is special because Ally gave it to me. I consider that a great honor. Now I just need to learn how to say it correctly. Maybe I could spend another 10 minutes on that and not have to run back to grading... ;)

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  1. I Love you name, I know you told it to me before, but your blog about it helped me to appreciate it all over again!
    Miss you friend!