Friday, June 1, 2007

The Dog With Nine Lives

In a little over a month we will be headed back to the States and our little dog is in desperate need of a home. What you may not know is that we (the owners) are also in desperate need of finding him a home permanently.

Currently Who-Dey lives at each of our homes for two weeks before he goes on to the next. While it seemed like a good idea...shared responsibility, cleaner homes and such... it turned into such a bad idea. He is not trained well and as soon as he gets used to one home time for him to go. We decided we would just find him one home he could live at happily.

Since it was my turn to watch him, I searched like crazy to find him a place before my week. After 3 phone calls my wish was granted. He would not even have to stay one night at my house! :) Mengmeng came and got him. We were a little sad, but happy overall with the situation.

Very same night I get a message. He has not eaten all day. He was throwing up and crying, sitting beside the door. I told her to stick it out and call me in the morning. Nice and early the next morning I got the call that he was coming back. :(

Last night Who-Dey was delivered to my door just in time to watch a little Project Runway with Amy and Brad. After passing the worst gas EVER, our dog decided to run out the door when they were leaving. We looked around for awhile and then just let it go. Maybe it was for the best...

This morning I told Dawson what had happened and told him that if Who-Dey showed back up just to call and I would come get him. About five minutes later Dawson called. Who-Dey was terrorizing the second floor of his building where some of our friends live. So currently, the dog that has nine lives is sitting under a chair in my living room.

If anyone wants a dog let me know... ;)

* note for all parents and those who will lecture: We do realize our stupidity in making the decision of getting a dog. We blame it on the fact that we are still growing up... and he had tiger stripes!!!! TIGER STRIPES!!!! You cannot pass that up...

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