Monday, November 15, 2010

They Are Taking Over!

They are taking over my house.
(Insert Jaws theme song here)

A smothering of children's book characters lie all over my house in anticipation for tomorrow's Family Reading Night. Not shown would be 300 books scattered in my living room waiting to be labeled, creates of literacy centers and games, a pile of dirty dishes that will be done on Wednesday, and one very tired Beth. This will be the biggest event I have coordinated so far in my new job as Family-School Coordinator. I am so excited! (Insert Jersey shore fist pump here.)
Special thanks to Katie "Skinny Scrubby Scrubber" McGunnigal and Amy "Don't Mess With Nona Puff" Pratt for there much welcome, much needed, and much loved help yesterday. It was so much fun!
Recap of the event on Wednesday (after I do my dishes...)

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