Monday, November 22, 2010

Graphic Designer: Lauren

Tonight I finished writing the copy for my Christmas cards and settled on a photo. This year my friend Lauren is creating my Christmas cards. I am really excited!

Lauren and I have been friends since 4th grade. We used to make pendants and sell them on the school bus. A Barbie was never without blankets when we were together. We lived on the same street. Our names were practically the same... Elizabeth Lauren and Lauren Elizabeth. Destined to be life long friends.

Lauren is a talented graphic designer now. She has helped me design the Deeply Rooted Race for the Cure shirts for the past two years. (Below is the 2009 shirt) She has created graphics for the teacher line at Dollar General, campaign materials for a candidate for governor, wedding announcements, baby annoucements and countless shirts for youth groups, social clubs, etc.

Check out more of Lauren's work on her blog.

Thanks Lauren for being such a good friend and sharing your talents to bless my life!

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  1. I love that shirt and totally wish I had gotten one a couple of years ago! Looking forward to seeing the one next year ... and maybe even joining in the walk/run! Happy Thanksgiving, Beth.