Friday, May 21, 2010

Music (and Movies!) Saving Mountains

I have been to a lot of concerts... big, small, good, and bad. Last night though blew me away.
Justin and I went to the Ryman to catch NRDC's Music Saving Mountains concert. The concert was given in hopes of spreading the word about the horrors of mountain top removal (also called mountain top mining). The line up was fantastic.
Emmylou Harris (fellow Nashvillean, Graybar neighbor, and founder of Bonaparte's Retreat where I got Socrates... oh yeah, amazing musician) opened the show. She was later joined by Patty Loveless and Kathy Mattea. Kathy has been a mountain spokeswoman for quite awhile. Just when I thought the show was good, it got better.
I fell in love with Big Kenny. I didn't even know who Big Kenny was. (From Big & Rich). Thankfully, this was my first introduction to the man. My new song obsession is "Less Than Whole". I was on the edge of my seat at a concert!
Also, amazing was Brandon Young's "Darling oh Darling", Alison Krauss' version of hymn "I Don't Know About Tomorrow", Patti Griffin (in general), and of course Dave Matthews.
Dave Matthews NEVER gets old. He sang a unique version of "Rye Whiskey."
The concert ended with all of the musicians performing together.
Cannot say enough good things about the evening. I got goosebumps my friends.
Tonight, I went to Movies Saving Mountains at the Belcourt. They showed two documentaries about mountain top removal. After the concert last night, I wanted to know more about what I was in the crowd supporting. The films "Deep Down" and "Coal Country" were quite eye opening and raw. Filmmakers lead a panel discussion after the films and Big Kenny and Kathy Mattea performed again. (I got to hear "Less Than Whole Again"... sweet.)While I will probably not go out and protest with the masses, I am glad I took the time to watch, listen, and become a little more educated about what is going on in my state and area of the country.
I love and respect people using their gifts and talents to draw attention to injustices. Trying to make the world a little better through the arts. It's a good thing.

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