Sunday, February 21, 2010

Think Pink!

So it is hard to believe that last week we were cold and out of school for snow, and now I am wearing short sleeves and enjoying weather close to the 60s. The Vespa even had a little breakout session. :)

Last week I was invited to go to Lipscomb's Think Pink basketball game. The Think Pink game is a ladies game that raises awareness and support for breast cancer. All of the social clubs go together and cheer. A few of alumni from Delta Xi decided to go and make a night of it.

Ashley and Lauren were two of my close friends in Delta Xi. When I came back from China, I was blessed to be in both of their weddings. I don't get to see these married ladies too often (mainly due to me!), so we decided to grab dinner before the game. Broccoli soup from Panera is delish! While we were eating, it started to snow. I do mean snow! We walked out to my great surprise and delight the ground was covered.

We decided to trek on to the game anyways. (I just knew I was going to be out of school the next day.) We got to meet up with some of our other friends, meet the new Delta girls, and I got a stinkin' cute t-shirt. (Lauren is a graphic designer and creates all of the t-shirts for Delta Xi.) I honestly could not tell you the score. (Stop right there, I am normally not the chatty girl during the game. Don't stereotype me. It had just been a long time since I had seen these people...) While I was oh-so-glad not to be in college again, I was happy to rehash some old memories with good friends.

(some of Delta Xi alumni)

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