Sunday, February 28, 2010

Annual Father Daughter Dance

On Friday, our school held its annual Father Daughter Dance. I am fortunate that my dad lives so close and is always willing to attend.

Dad always seems to face rather uncomfortable circumstances. Last year, the music was pretty much all hip-hop. He was a little out of his element. Dad doing the "skanky leg"... I think not.

This year, Dad and I were not at the dance for even one song when the asst. principal got on the mic, thanking the teachers for coming. She then announced that it was a special night because one of the teachers brought her father. "Everyone, please clear the dance floor. Ms.Quarles, lead your father out to the dance floor and enjoy this dance. Girls, please stay on the side so Ms. Quarles can have this time."
Both my dad and my face was going through lobster-colored shades so fast. I know I was thinking words teachers should not say!

Dad and I did dance to John Mayer's "Daughters" even amidst people running on to the floor to take our picture. If I don't ever marry and never have a chance to dance with my father afterwards that is quite alright because this was way more awkward and there are lots of photos out there. ;)

Needless to say, we only stayed a quick 30 minutes as compared to 2 hours last year.

Thanks Dad for being such a great sport!

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